Wednesday, August 26, 2009

More fun in California

More fun in California came about at McD's

Kallie and Madilyn climbed to the
top of the playland cage.

Kara's kids came to visit. All the cousins had
fun together.

Josh and Madilyn climbed all over the
little turtle in McD's.

Can you imagine eating a meal on a table with a
design like this? I find it a little nauseating.

Can you hear the giggles and squeals Josh is
making while learning to walk?

Fun in California

Who is having more fun at the park, Pa or Josh?

Josh and Madilynne playing on swings.

The Jelly Belly factory is always fun

Madilynne took a ride in the Jelly
Belly car.

Madilyn got wet at the water park.

Madilynne playing on the slide at the park.

You can almost hear the squeals and
laughter of Josh as he takes his first

We all had fun while these two children were here for a visit. I don't dare
put any more pictures on here for fear they will disappear.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

There is beauty all around

As you look around you, you can see beauty everywhere
in odd places and unexpected spots. There is beauty all around.

As you drive up the Feather River Canyon you can enjoy
the beautiful river running along side the road. There is
beauty all around.

There is a nice 'crick' running through our property in Midway
It is enjoyed by fishermen, children, and resting adults who
enjoy relaxing and listening to the water as it rushes on its way.
There is beauty all around.

Many various flowers in bloom are so pretty. They add light
color to the landscape. There is beauty all around.

There are lots of red Crepe Myrtle plants in many yards.
They add a burst of color and are so pretty. There is beauty
all around

A truck load of split fire wood is beautiful when you
think of all the warm fires it will provide. There is
beauty all around.

A big stack of cut, split, and dry oak wood is beautiful
when you think of the cold weather that is coming
and all the warm nights by the fire that this wood
will provide. There is beauty all around.

Then there is the over abundance of fruit and veggies that we
can give away to friends who don't have a garden. There is
beauty all around.

There is so much beauty in the world if we stop to look. It

is in odd places too. Yes indeed, there is beauty all around.

Wedding day 57 years ago

It was 57 years ago when
we said 'I do'. We have
acquired a lot during that
time. Three daughters,
fifteen grandchildren, and
thirteen great grandchildren
make our lives happy. We
enjoy visiting with all of them.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A whole nest full of birds.

We have a bird that insists on building its nest under
the front of the trailer on top of the hitch. They crowd
so many into the nest that they hang over
the edge. I think there are 4 in there now.
They all have feathers so I expect them to fly away
at any time. They build a nest in April and again in June
or July. This is the second brood this year.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Too much fruit and veggies!

This is what happened to the artichokes because we couldn't eat all of them.

We have so many apricots that they look like grapes on the tree.

The peaches are in full swing. I hope to dry some of these.

The grape tomatoes are going to out do themselves. We will have to start eating these.

Pa picked the squash yesterday. What am I going to do with all of them?
He pulled out all but 4 of each kind.

Feast or famine! Wish some of these could get ripe in the winter!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Getting rid of all the hoses

Every time it was watering time, the hoses had to be
dragged around. It was work. Then they all had to
be put back.

So Pa got the bright idea to put a drip system in the
orchard. He hasn't thought about putting one in the
garden yet. Thats next.

He worked hard stringing plastic tubing around the
orchard and installing the drippers, shut-offs, and

I don't know how he knew where
everything went .
Then came the test to see how many leaks
he had and if it would actually work.